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Unheard Gems Podcast: Introductions | Summary

Unheard Gems is launching our first official podcast series, creatively titled, “The Unheard Gems Podcast”. Some of the Unheard Gems’ team will be hopping online to talk about or with our favorite artists on a more personal level. This episode was a bit more scripted just to introduce what we are doing.

Our readers have seen our opinions but the podcast will give our readers and listeners a more personal look into our memories and thoughts of certain artists. As always we want to reflect why Unheard Gems was created, to bring listeners closer to the emerging artists they love. We want to rewrite the interview narrative, just talk, laugh, and ditch the agenda. We will feature guest artists for some shows and take trips down memory lane, talk feelings, share stories, and more! We hope you join us. See you on our Spotify!

- Hannah Schneider, Tatum Jenkins, Annika Johnson

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