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“Underwater” - RUBY. | Review

“Underwater” by RUBY. is an RnB pop song that carries a deep, empowering message within a head-bopping beat.

The smooth synths and production perfectly capture the muffled sound of being underwater but with a sweet, melodic twist. RUBY.’s smooth, clear, and sultry vocals combined with piano notes create a jazz-inspired vibe that I adore. Electric guitar solo cuts through the mellow, hazy sound of the production for a very satisfying ending. The most powerful part of this song is RUBY,’s voice, but a close second is the song’s message. “Underwater deals with finding new ways and avenues to set yourself free from an anxious mind, or 'swim on up from underwater,” RUBY. explained. The lyrics tackle self-esteem problems and an inability to slow your mind down. I’d like to think the electric guitar cutting through the haze is a metaphor for finally set yourself free from that anxiety.

Born into the special little corner of the world that is Auckland, New Zealand to a Latin percussionist father and fashion designer mother, 23-year-old RUBY. grew up on a diet of Afro-Cuban rhythms, disco, jazz, and soul. As she grew she discovered and fell in love with RnB, House music, and 70s rock.

Now living in the musical hub of Melbourne, Australia, RUBY. takes her inspiration from all of these genres to create a style and message that is truly her own, with an emphasis on captivating melodies, honeyed vocal tones, and lyrics from the heart. Moving away from her rock band days and her (still adored) influences of Robert Plant, Heart, Stevie Nicks, and Grace Slick, RUBY. is ready to take flight and soar into her own corner of the RnB and pop world, influenced by the likes of Erykah Badu, Amy Winehouse, Snoh Aalegra, and Little Dragon. On her most recent trip home to New Zealand, she worked with her brother, Andrew, to write and produce “Underwater.”



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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