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"Under" - golda | Review

Golda’s Under presents a flourishing and evocative view of defiance towards damaging relationships under an equally powerful yet subtle pop instrumental.

The awe-inspiring golda turned heads in 2019 with the release of her single "Wish I Was Someone Else." After garnering the attention of tastemakers, label heads, fans and more - golda follows the successful release with her new single "Under," a powerful addition to golda's repertoire.

Opening with a sporadic rapid fire drum loop and sleek bass line, Golda’s first verse is sung with smooth confidence of someone perfectly aware of their unjust situation. Aided by subtle pianos and percussive elements throughout, her voice is dynamic and clear, yet shows restraint until the chorus. When it does come to fruition, it is unmistakably powerful, and it’s delivery shows great prowess, especially as it is backed by newly introduced guitar and string sections. Even when the song culminates in Golda singing wordless melodies, the sentiment and emotions remain, demonstrating great skill in her vocal delivery and melodic conceptions.

The now L.A.-based artist is gearing up for the release of her new music, for the first time in 4 years. "Wish I Was Someone Else" is a fantastic intro to the golda EP (due out next year), which features four more stunning tracks - all of which are evocative and beautiful in different ways.

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