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Undefined: An Invitation To The EVÎN EP

Singer, producer and songwriter EVÎN tells a story of enduring ambiguity in her 6th single release, “Undefined.” Pulling inspiration from artists such as James Blake, Rosalia, Jorja Smith, FKA Twigs and Sufjan Stevens, EVÎN combines melancholic vibes with soulful melodies painted over elaborate soundscapes. The German-based artist incorporates vocals, piano, guitar and a little computer magic to complement soul-shaking lyrics based on her personal experiences. Collaborating with producers/musicians Karl Kindermann and Jako, EVÎN brings a unique style with a focus on pushing boundaries.

“I won’t let the pieces fade, at the end I know the importance is to fight for those who may never wisdom this gift.” - EVÎN

The track starts with tape torn keys and lo-fi samples building into gritty percussion and an environment of various pieces revolving around EVÎN’s vocals. The lyrics echo enduring life with individuality despite not knowing what the future holds.

“I know it hurts sometimes, but I will let it burn, the end is undefined, I know it hurts sometimes, it’s not useless, my life and I choose it.” - EVÎN

“Undefined'' released on streaming platforms such as Spotify on November 26th 2021 along with a music video on YouTube. The track followed her soulful composition, “Walls,” which uses jazz and soul influences that can be seen and felt in her live performance video, also on her YouTube channel. “Undefined” is the first single of her debut “EVÎN EP,” which will tell stories of political awareness regarding social injustice, female empowerment, and commemorative culture.

Her political journalist and activist father inspired this vocalization, while also drawing inspiration from literature, history, and the arts. Studying Jazz vocals at the Conservatory in Dresden, the artist interpreted Anatolian and Kurdish folk songs to connect with her roots, giving her a rich artistic grasp. EVÎN also uses composing as a driver to push through anxiety, self-doubt and the pressures of life. She has created an alluring aesthetic for her art, that melds sorrow with determination. Each track of hers creates its own unique world, and her singles are an exciting precursor to the musical career and the “EVÎN EP.”

“I got lost, still I am, I beg you to make it end. Nothing that could make it stop and why does it feel like the end’s already here. Do you think I’ll make it out?”

Written by Brian Kelly

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