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‘Unamerican Dream’ - HOAX

HOAX is an indie pop-rock, or as they describe it "empathy pop", duo consisting of friends Michael Raj and Frantz Cesar. Their sound and aesthetic draws from many eras and genres allowing for a beautiful culmination of melodies and sonics that tug at your heartstrings and lyrics that stay with you. Their work, specifically this album, explores what the human experience is really like from many different points of view.

This song, Unamerican Dream, takes on the perspective of an immigrant coming to America longing for the glamorous, wondrous, life-changing, American Dream. The promise that if you come here and work hard enough, you can have everything. But the song explores the terrifying truth that it doesn't work out that way. And on top of that, as the two put it: "Every hour at the office is an hour away from your family and loved ones; if you are working a tedious or mindless job that you are not passionate about for the sake of money, that is taking time away from finding fulfillment in something you might actually care for." Unamerican Dream takes you into the life of someone's heartbreaking realization that they dedicated their life to an unworthy cause. The music's slower tempo and bouncy synthesizers balance out the simple, honest lyrics earnestly sung.

Both musicians parents immigrated to the US with this American Dream in mind. So, they are donating 50% of royalties from this song to KIND (Kids In Need of Defense), an organization that helps immigrant children who entered the U.S. alone find a safe haven.

Written by Kalah Brown

Edited by Hannah Schneider

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