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"Trouble" - Sophia DeLeo | Review

Oh to be looking for love, Sophia DeLeo's new track "Trouble" is a sassily sweet track about guys that are just her type.

This is a single for the hopeless romantic who wants the fantasy despite the trouble. The song is a classic warning, don't date a songwriter unless you are ready to have a song written about you. The nonchalant narrative style of her lyrics and the joy in her voice is infectious. The track twinkles and shines with that real world story book magic. The song is flirty, fun, and youthful in a way that feels real. Even reality, with the bad boys and all, can have glimpses of magic.

Sophia DeLeo: "I wrote this song in the fall of 2019 after going on 2 dates with a very attractive man, and played it at a few live shows before the pandemic shut the world down in early 2020. From the moment I finished writing it, I knew I wanted it to be a fully produced, fun, flirty bop! But it's definitely not your typical love song. In the studio working on it, I often described this one as a "love song to a fuckboy." It's literally in the title; you know you're about to get in TROUBLE, that maybe this person isn't going to be the best choice you've ever made, but that doesn't mean you're going to stay away..."

The 25-year-old pop singer/songwriter taught herself to play guitar at age 14 and immediately began writing songs about boys in her childhood bedroom. Now, nearly 10 years later, she's practically got it down to a science. Her lyrics are smart and sharp, yet unexpected, and her single "Girlfriend" was heralded as a "fresh take on an old theme" and a "complete love anthem." She is based in New York City and is currently at work on a 4-track EP, which is set to release in May 2021.

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