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“Trouble” - Matt Lovell | Review

“Trouble” by Matt Lovell is a singer-songwriter, blues-inspired song that already has me memorizing the lyrics so I can sing along.

Matt Lovell’s unique, bluesy voice is perfect for such a lyrical masterpiece. The words flow effortlessly into each other with rhymes and a catchy melody. The artist’s beautiful riffs and calming guitar notes will have you playing the song on repeat. The “Trouble” music video is so aesthetically pleasing to watch as he artistically plays with black and white and textures.

The artist is part of the singer-songwriter community in Nashville, Tennessee where his baseball cap has become part of his trademark look. Trouble truly does follow Matt Lovell. In 2017 he was shot in the parking lot outside of a bar after a late-night recording session, and it took him three months in and out of hospitals to recover. That hasn’t dampened his spirit though as he’s continued to create music at a rapid pace. “Trouble” is the fourth song he has released in 2020.



Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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