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“Traveling” by Danny Kuttner

Purple, which means she’ll have much more dreamy and soulful tunes to give us in the

future. Danny’s sound is an ode to 90’s neo-soul while still allowing to bring in a fresh sound with hints of electronic production throughout the EP.

The song starts with a soothing guitar similar that is soon met with Danny’s delicate yet

soulful beginning to tell the story of a man zoning out and “traveling” throughout his own

head. All three minutes of “Traveling” envelopes you into a world that is soft and slow-paced. When asked about the goal of this record, Danny says she hopes it is set to inspire listeners to embark on their own journey of musical reflection and the goal was definitely achieved. Danny has a velvet-like voice that makes me want to close my eyes and picture myself in a calm, beautiful field while I listen on a crowded metro.

Take a small break and stream Danny’s entire debut EP Purple to feel the vibrancy she’s

bringing to the music world.

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