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"Tracks" - Ciao Malz | Review

Ciao Malz just gave me the perfect mellow dream pop track to unwind with.

"Tracks" is light groove. The vocals are dreamy and smooth and the track taps into the same lowkey feeling of a lofi relax ambient track. I love the do it yourself approach and the introspective take throughout the track.

"I wrote this song with a gut feeling that something was off in my relationship. So innocently put, I mistook the bad for good as the chorus punching-ly suggests. A hit to my confidence & double kick on the bass. I produced this at 66Rivington studio in the LES I mistakenly found looking for an apartment on facebook."

Pronounced like "Chow MaaaaahhhLz"Ciao Malz writes, records, and produces these songs in New York City.

Writing songs after work and then producing them on the weekends. Inspired by the likes of Kacey Musgraves, The Grateful Dead, Frank Ocean and the Sopranos. Working out of a studio in the lower east side full of analog gear and learning everything on the internet.

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