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“Tore” Mali Velasquez

Mali Velasquez’s new single “Tore” serves as the perfect transitional song from summer heat into the breeze and comfort of autumn’s embrace. Serving as the leading track of her debut album, I’m Green, Velasquez takes a vulnerable deep dive into inner turbulence of self-sabotage with a softness that is communicated in her dynamic lyricism and sultry vocals.

Striking up with a chorus of bird songs, Tore speaks to the pressing weight of self-sabotage and inadequacy many find to be their narrative truth. With heavy folk influence, this indie rock track adds a spunky vibe to a comfortably painful, overwhelming, and sometimes embarrassing feeling. Velasquez’s lamentation leaves listeners with a feeling of contemplative warmth with soaring guitar riffs and a steady downbeat that partner well with her artful poetics. Similar to artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Clairo, Velasquez captures this style well with loaded choruses of storytelling laced with melodic songfulness of the verses. Her voice soars through the production, complimenting each element with a sweet twang of youthful yearning.

The song grooves well compositionally, but the deeper meaning makes it truly special. The melody keeps a lightness while also providing a platform for an exposed emotional rhetoric. I’m Green launches on October 13th, and with “Tore” as the precursor, listeners can expect many forthcoming hits from Velasquez. A promising musician, this strong first release paves way for an innovative and beautifully honest discography.

Written by Allie Witek

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