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"To Be Alone" - Galaxy Family | Review

Chaotic feelings can only be expressed properly with chaotic sounds, and “To Be Alone,” the new single by Galaxy Family, packs a hearty punch. A song about the fear of commitment while also not wanting to lose the person, is one full of lyrical conflict, accompanied with sounds that take a different direction as soon as you think you know where it’s going.

It opens with a punchy nostalgic synth somewhere in the realm of Synthwave— there’s a nostalgic element to it like Dua Lipa and The Weeknd’s signature sound, with a hint of alternative edge like The 1975. Through the verse, a delicate string section is introduced, adding an unexpected yet strangely complimentary layer of love and emotion, all while the synths and bass line build beneath the surface. It then takes a sharp turn into an instrumental interlude that’s heavy on the electro House influences- a complete 180, but definitely a welcome detour all the same. It returns to the 80s-pop inspired verse and chorus, building and building with more layers until the final chorus and eventually the outro.

Though this song is flashy and exciting, its lyrics are rather vulnerable, with Jonathan Class detailing that it’s about his worries about commitment and starting a family, citing his upbringing as the source of his concerns, as he never felt he could live up to his parents’ expectations as a child. Such a tender, honest, and even heartbreaking message is hidden behind these loud and vibrant sounds, almost as if they’re supposed to be a secret that he’s hiding from even himself.

This song demands more than one listen. There are so many active layers, it’s impossible to fully process them in one sitting. One of its major strengths is how it makes a song that’s almost 5 minutes long feel fresh and fast by refusing to be monotonous and run-of-the-mill. It goes by in the blink of an eye because of all the sounds you’re trying to distinguish. Even though you realize on paper that 80s pop and electro House aren’t natural partners, Galaxy House knows that rules are meant to be broken, and is fearless in their mission to rewrite those rules altogether.

Keyboardist and producer Jonathan Class is the creative mastermind behind Galaxy Family. Class kept his music from the public until TikTok user Ben Jacobs (@foolslike_me) posted an old video of the song “Pull It From My Teeth.” The song went viral across the platform, launching Class into the public eye as an artist. Only then did Class release the album with the viral favorite, and it’s just the beginning for him and this journey.

Written by Jess Ward

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