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"TMYLM" - KG Lillian |Review

With syncopated beats and electric guitar notes trickling in with smooth synth to blend it all together, “TMYLM” by KG Lillian featuring Taylor James and e. philly is one of this summer’s big pop songs.

Though the song centers around a common topic in music – falling in love – this song captures the euphoria of it in a way that makes the listener themselves feel that rush of affection. The interweaving of James’s and Lillian’s vocals adds a layer of emotion to the track, creating a sense of electricity caused by the two vocalists' chemistry. “Don’t you know how I feel for you?/Don’t you know how I need for you?” sings Lillian in a pleading sense, contrasting with e. philly’s energetic production and conveying the contradictions of falling in love. James’ vocals balance out this sense of urgency with his calming notes that complement Lillian’s airier, sweet vocals.

Lillian was originally a part of the successful band January May until they parted ways a few years ago. She now makes music on her own, pulling inspiration from all different kinds of influences. Taylor Jams is a singer-songwriter from Missouri and he has released two EPS. His most recent EP is titled “Sentimental” and was released last summer. e. philly is an up-and-coming producer.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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