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"Time” - Flõstate | Review

“Time” by Flõstate is a R&B, electro pop song that is truly out of this world.

The vocalist has such a striking voice, reminiscent of Lorde. The song itself is immediately enticing with its mesmerizing effects from the beat, to eerie metal creaks, to the background hum that the vocalist’s voice melts into in such a satisfying way. Flõstate ties this all together with compelling lyrics about someone who is so programmed to give, that they would rather sacrifice their own time than waste someone else’s. What a deep message that finds roots in many people’s lives.

Flõstate is a Canadian artist consisting of producer Michael Le and songwriter Avery Florence. This self-proclaimed “fantasy R&B duo from space” love to incorporate multi-instrumental soundscape and virtuous vocals to create a truly unique sound. “Time” is Flõstate’s debut single and they sure started off on the right foot!



Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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