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"Til The Money Is Gone" - Cavale | Review

"Til The Money Is Gone" is the new release from Cavale and it is a rock-pop power piece.

I know Love Island is over but this track would have been perfect for every dramatic moment. This song was originally written right after the US election in 2016 as a fire-y and political rebel yell, and got some reinvigorated production to be released right before the 2020 US Election. It's about going after what you want even if it costs you every dime.

Cavale is the indie pop project of Sarah Mount.

In 2013, she moved to Brooklyn, NY where she adopted the name Cavale and began working with producer, Ben Walding aka Habien. Cavale presents a self-possessed electropop sound, centered around a sensual yet dynamic vocal. In 2017, she released a cover of The Kinks’ "You Really Got Me" with Instant Records for the Instant Love project. Cavale has had music featured on the hit show “Younger” as well as on Netflix’s “Emily in Paris”.

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