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“Thunder”- Tom Boy | Review

Standing up for what’s right can be so lonely and discouraging. “Thunder” by Tom Boy is an electro pop song that is a hug that reminds you that someone believes in you - you’re not alone.

From the beginning, the guitar opening sounds very comforting. The complex production incorporates echoes and synths to create an extremely catchy, upbeat rhythm. Tom Boy’s vocals have that strong punk rock substance mixed with a smooth pop tone that is so pleasing to listen to. The emotion of the lyrics really carry over into his vocals. He sings “ when everything feels like it’s going under, I’m right here.”

Tom Boy explains, “It’s a song dedicated to all those who feel they have not been heard, to the voices that have broken through the noise, and to the allies who create space for the wrongfully marginalized communities in the world.” I find this message of solidarity and support so important.

Toronto-based pop singer Tom Boy a.k.a. Nate Daniels is known for catastrophically lush arrangements that catch your attention immediately and hold it with lyrics that ruminate on the nature of addiction, heart-break, and self-discovery. Nate writes with strong pop-sensibilities and arrangement, only to smash them against punk-rock lyricism that calls to action anybody he can wake. “Thunder” is Nate’s first song release since Tom Boy became a solo project.

Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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