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"Thrones" - Victoria Owsnett | Review

Thrones, an upcoming pop single by Victoria Owsnett, is a powerful tune which is from the perspective of someone who grew up unpopular and 'at the bottom of the food chain'.

The lyrics delve into how it felt to look up to the people who were at the top and how small they can make a person feel. The tables then turn and the song goes on to explain how it feels when the once unpopular person finds themselves and realises they are good enough as they are. Those at the top aren't really any better than those at the bottom and being popular is just a facade.

The song was written by Victoria Owsnett & Adam Roberts. Mixed and mastered by the incredible Kyle Martin at The Garage Studios, South Shields.

Victoria Owsnett is a singer/songwriter from the North East of England.

Victoria started writing and producing her own music in 2014. By 2018 Victoria had established a distinctive electro-pop sound and co-founded synth-soaked band ‘AXLS’, in which she is lead singer and songwriter. Wanting to venture out and release music under her own identity, Victoria is working on some pop hits which will each be released as singles. ‘Thrones’ is just the tip of the iceberg for the singer and 2020 will also see her collaborate with artists from around the world. The first collaboration, a feature on US artist John John’s ‘Time Stands Still’, was released on June 12th 2020 and is a lo-fi, bedroom pop song which shows a new side to Victoria’s versatile vocals.

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