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'Three Hour Trip'- His Old Chain |Review

His Old Chain took a trip and they were not feeling the vibes. I on the other hand was definitely digging the vibes on the new track that they just released. This one is just the right speed. The beach guitar paired up with drums that give off that cool lofi sound. The singer's voice is very calm telling the story. If you like Lofi, Drum Breaks, Beach Guitar, or Bedroom Pop You're gonna wanna check this out.

There's a famous quote that goes like this “ the things I do for love”.

This song goes something like this.

“Fake it for me baby… I'm not on your mind’ you don't need a reason… to stay overnight,I just spent the weekend…tryna survive, who cares if I’m decent… we had a fun night”

Gotta give it to the boi, he went for it. Jumped on a plane and let life happen. Wish He had a better time but glad that this song came out of it at least.


Written By Derek Darnell

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