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"Thought of U" - Aubrey Toone and Jack Book | Review

A sweet and heartfelt electro-pop love song, "Thought of U" by Aubrey Toone is an uplifting track about moving on and keeping the good memories.

This upbeat song is about recreating your life, even when it's hard. It's about losing somebody while they are still living, and picking up the pieces and letting go. An anthem to all who have loved and lost, to keep moving forward and make the life they have always deserved. The electronic beats, saxophone, and etherial elements and harmonies make this track memorable and catchy. With a bit of a Kygo esc sound, Aubrey's vocals are truly what sets this track apart. Almost country pop sounding, her voice is cheerful and uplifting.

Aubrey Toone is a singer-songwriter, artist, performer, and vocalist. Her unique ability to pull poetry from the commonplace and shape experience into song has created a fiercely loyal fan base. As of December 2019, Aubrey has seen her Spotify monthly listeners exceed 200K. Her original works landed her three television placements with Netflix Original Series,The Ranch, and one of her other original songs, He Loves You Enough, has been featured on a Christian Youth album distributed worldwide, with current streams of over 200K on Spotify and Apple Music. Aubrey is a member of NSAI and received an award in Nashville on March 26th, 2020, for her single-song contract with Anthem Entertainment. Aubrey has become a sought-after topliner in the Pop/EDM world with her ability to create music that spans multiple genres. Aubrey has performed original music live on Fox 13,The Place, and ABC 27,Good Day PA.

Recent collaborations have given Aubrey the opportunity to work with Grammy Award winning producers. Her vocals, storytelling, and pure tone captures listeners –and at only 21 years of age, Aubrey’s story has only just begun.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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