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"Thorns" - Emmrose |Review

In Emmrose’s new track “Thorns,” the indie piano ballad releases the negative energy of the past; each verse acting as a farewell letter to someone she had previously held a grudge against.

The powerful piece is poetic in its simplicity and straight-forward approach. There are no gimmicks here; no lyrics that are up to personal interpretation. Emmrose is intentional with her songwriting and sings from her heart, and that honesty shines through. In the first verse, her voice is soft and elegant, almost hesitant, which makes the strong chorus stand out that much more-- it’s like a wave of confidence has washed over her, and that strength remains consistent throughout the rest of the song. It feels like she’s finally standing her ground and finding catharsis in this brave, vulnerable act of self-love and forgiveness.

Every verse is addressed to a different person and publicly releasing the resentment she once held against them, so pay close attention to those lyrics-- there’s a unique story to be told, each one more palpable than the last. The verses are sung sweetly over a gorgeous piano, along with viola accompaniment by 15-year-old viola player Andrew Jensen.

"I wrote this song to finally move on from so many people. It was really necessary for me to write. Holding grudges holds me back from making closer connections to people,” she writes. "I finally feel like I've begun healing. I’m not afraid anymore to meet new people and to make friends. I don’t feel like my past is holding me down anymore. Where thorns were, now grow roses."

Emmrose wrote her very first song years ago in math class. Fast forward to 2019, when she released her debut EP “Hopeless Romantic,” which features the fan-favorite track “Tonight.” In 2021, she graduated from NYU’s LaGuardia Performing Arts High School, then went on to study at The New School, where she continues to write and perform. “Thorns” is the title track to her upcoming sophomore EP.

Written by Jess Ward

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