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“Think I’d Like To Be You” – Shreya Preeti | Review

Were you looking for some powerhouse smooth vocals? Well, regardless of your answer meet Shreya Preeti who is serving you just that. “Think I’d Like To Be You” is a smooth R&B pop crossover that will leave you in awe. Preeti’s soul-filled vocals carry this track over a synth beat reminiscent of the 80’s. This is the music 2019 has been looking for!

The song itself can be engaged with on many levels. In the immediate sense for Preeti, the song represents her feelings of being “inadequate in comparison to the plethora of talented and deserving independent artists out there”. Obviously, from this track, we know she is here to bring it. In a more listener based level, the song reminds me of how many people, youth especially, look to the ideals portrayed in the media. A lot of people suffer negative self image in relation to the beautiful and happy people we see online. This song takes those emotions and almost puts them in check. Very well done.

“24-year-old Shreya Preeti is an alternative Pop, Indian-American singer/songwriter based out of Minneapolis and Chicago. With an off-of-center sound, Shreya showcases her expansive range through both memorable and unique melodies and lyrics. Shreya continues to break the mold by incorporating elements of alternative rock and soul sounds into her music, as can be heard in her sophomore EP, Encore, released November 2018.”

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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