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They Kiss @ The Hotel Cafe |Concert

They Kiss took the stage at The Hotel Cafe Thursday night to perform their first show back for a packed room. The synth-pop duo created a new vibe in the venue with their lighting and sound, the crowd could not look away.

When the duo played their newest release, Radio the crowd couldn’t stop dancing, they even brought out a boombox as a prop during the song. While the band only has three songs released they made sure to play some upcoming singles and hinted at an album release coming at us soon. Front woman, Anna Makovchik was all over the stage dancing, flipping her hair and having the time of her life and Francesco Civetta brought his amazing DJ skills to the show.

This was a great performance by the duo and I’m looking forward to hearing what this band releases next.

They Kiss is an LA-based synth-pop duo made up of Anna Makovchik & Francesco Civetta, aka Cash.

Before the creation of They Kiss, Anna was a multi-instrumentalist and the lead singer-songwriter in Kiwi Time, a San Francisco-based rock band. Cash is the frontman of Cash and the Whitelinez and a seasoned international DJ that has toured the world, playing festivals and movie premiere parties. As their paths organically converged, both members connected creatively into a seamless collaboration fuelled by their love of rock'n'roll, British trip-pop, Grunge, and 80's synth- pop.

Review by Jenna Doolittle

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