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Here at Unheard Gems, we believe in racial equality and equity. Our goal is always to make our feed more diverse and promote artists of all different races, sexualities, and identities in general.

Unheard Gems stands against white supremacy- and in solidarity with the countless rightfully outraged individuals affected by it. In light of recent events, including -- but not limited to -- the racist murder of George Floyd, we recognize that supporting Black people within our community is crucial.

On an individual level, our staff has done their part and will continue to do their part in the fight against racism and police brutality.

Because we believe in the importance of black artistry and expression, we have curated a playlist featuring only emerging Black artists in an attempt to show our support and appreciation for the important role they play in the music world and their importance to Unheard Gems. If you are looking for other ways to be an ally, we recommend you go here.

To our followers, we want you to know that we will never be silent. We will dedicate time and resources to this cause because Black lives matter. They always have and they always will. So much of the music industry has been shaped by Black artists and we must repay them for the art they bring to us all by standing alongside them.

Written by Jess Ward, Tatum Jenkins, and Hannah Schneider

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