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"These Darker Days"- Freddie Long| Review

With a bit of an anthemic element, “These Darker Days,” Freddie Long’s new single, has the power to inspire anyone during these tumultuous times to see the light.

Overlapping drum beats make this track seem strapped down to begin until some light, springy piano enters the scene and gives this song more of an empowering feel. The instruments crescendo and stop, building a sense of anticipation, until Long cuts in, singing, “These darker days got me dancing with demons/These darker days got me on the ropes/These darker days got me dancing with demons/And maybe I just want to give up/Maybe I just want to run.../Cause these darker days got me dancing with demons/But it’s a fight I never give up.” I want to cite the entire chorus because of its ability to not make a solid statement, which is what makes this song more complex than a typical song about depression or other mental obstacles. Long attempts to show how situations in which you’re hounded by negative thoughts aren’t straightforward – in fact, he confesses, he wants to give up. However, the more major-sounding instrumentals help to highlight the optimism that hides behind the clouds of a bad day.

“These Darker Days” is the title track for his upcoming EP, which he is releasing independently. The EP centers on self-knowledge and accountability, with Long commenting, “There's a strong message of self-reflection throughout these tracks. I’m no saint when it comes to my past and only over the last few years I’ve learned to accept that. I’m super proud of this project and feel it’s a big step up from everything I’ve previously put out.” In addition to creating the music, he has taken photos in his home to create the album artwork and co-directed his music videos, showing how invested he is in his vision and art. Notable publications such as Complex, Wonderland, and VEVO have recognized him for his music and he’s performed live at Sundown Festival and BBC Introducing Live.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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