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“The Publisher”- Matthew Liam Nicholson | Review

Matthew Liam Nicholson is a recording artist, songwriter, composer and band leader originally from Geelong, Australia. He currently lives in the mountains of Northern California.

Nicholson's timeless work is grounded in a universal mysticism both gritty and ecstatic. His music "stretches the ethereality of dream-pop into blissout" (Pitchfork, 8.2) and has been described as "reverent, expansive, magical realist folk music” (Uncut) with a "clear, authorial voice" (Wire). His original compositions are featured in film and art installations around the world, both as scores and placements. His previous bands include AT/ALL, Function Ensemble, Outshine Family and The Golden Lifestyle Band. For the last 6 years, alongside composition work in Los Angeles, Nicholson has been working devotedly on multiple new albums, some of which have recently been completed. “Nine Movements” a 39 min ambient instrumental immersive guided meditation, will be released in October. “Universal Outsider”, Nicholson’s new studio band LP, will be released early 2022.

Australia has arguably been responsible for most of the last decade’s best indie music including acts like: Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett, and Alex Cameron. With heavy guitar riffs, hypnotizing synths and raw vocals that aren’t exactly straight out of choir practice. Incredible sounds coming in but not a lot of harmonization. The talent is undeniable but there’s a lot of extras and a lot of eccentricities.

Matthew Liam Nicholson is a right off the nose, easy to consume musician. There’s no trying to dissect what about the song sounds good; it just does and it’s easy. The harmonies of “The Publisher” are plentiful and beautiful. The sound is campfire cozy and makes the listener feel comfortable and safe and able to listen to the lyrics without pretension. Its arrival at the end of October is optimal for Americans giving him maybe their first listen. It’s a fall night piece through and through.

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