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"The One" - The Singles Club | Song Review

The Singles Club, also known as ‘Tristan,’ is a new solo project with a heavy 80’s pop influence and a modern approach to the Electronic Pop Genre. If you’re unsure on what that sounds like, it’s evident in their recently released song, “The One”. “The One” is easily a song for multiply occasions: to dance to, road trips, picnics, doing homework, and it will even have you dancing while cleaning around the house. With an overall happy vibe which could be further described as what warm sunlight would sound like, “The One” speaks on infatuation and the desire of being “The One” in someone's life. With the composition being a combination of synths and drum machines and the pureness of the lyrics, “The One” is a perfect song to dedicate to your crush or partner.

The Singles Club has paired the tune with a music video where 80’s Pop meets 21st century retro. Brimming with summer and nature aesthetics, the video is definitely worth the watch. Especially if you enjoy looking at cute dogs and an even cuter green eyed boy that can really rock a turtleneck.


he Singles Club started in Halifax, Uk and are beginning to build a fanbase outside of the United Kingdom. As 80’s and 90’s aesthetics seemingly make their comeback here in the U.S, especially in the youth, The Singles Club and their music like “The One” should feel right at home.

Written by: Alexia

Edited by: Hannah Schneider

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