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"The Nowhere Times (Stripped Back)” - Freddie Long | Review

Freddie Long’s signature voice is shown at a top tier level in “The Nowhere Times (Stripped Back).

Each instrument from the guitar to the piano combines effortlessly with his voice. With a graveled undertone, Freddie’s voice makes you feel exactly how he feels, conveying almost a heartbreaking sensation. The feel of this song is pure emotion…

Nothing more, nothing less.

The passion in “The Nowhere Times” is so crude that one can feel sad, almost depressed, but smile at the same time.

The lyrics and modern instrumentals have the effect of hitting one’s soul. Imagine if the song Stay by Rihanna and any Lewis Capaldi song had a child; “The Nowhere Times” would pop out. It makes the listener remember all of the mistakes they’ve made in the past with important people in their lives, resonating sad and shameful times, but then allows you to embrace how that made you a better person.

In an interview, Freddie commented about the song; “I’m really excited to share this track. I feel like it’s one of my most personal releases to date… It’s super raw.”

Like Freddie’s comments, the vocals alone are completely raw, almost untouched, sounding like the original recording, creating tiers of emotional lyrical power.

To reach this sense of lyrical emotion, Freddie reached out to the producer juggernaut and Grammy winner Adrian Bushby for his help who has worked with several powerhouse artists including The Foo Fighters and Muse.

The UK based indie singer/songwriter has received several honors from TMRW Magazine, CLASH, Complex, and many more. MTV labeled him as “One to Watch.”

As I sit here listening to the song, wanting to cry with a smile on my face, I can only imagine what Freddie is capable of in the near future…

Nothing but, promise.

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