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"The Man" - Maxwell Rose |Review

maxwell rose wishes he could be “The Man” he wants to be in this reflective track.

Starting out with a simple guitar, he sings about his fear that he can’t compare to the stereotypical man, which keeps him stuck in his head and negatively impacts his relationship. Soft vocals give way to a kick drum and gorgeous strings as we approach the chorus, and as he slowly begins to realize that this person loves him for who he is. The bridge builds up to this revelation even more, with the drums and guitar building as his vocals become stronger. maxwell rose does an exceptional job of getting the listener to feel the emotions behind this gorgeous track.

NYC-based singer-songwriter maxwell rose writes, records, and produces all of his work in his bedroom studio. With countless influences, his music combines several different genres to create a sound that is all his own. He hopes that his relatable songwriting can help listeners feel less alone in their own experiences.

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