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“The Lonely Nights” - Bo Baskoro |Review

Bo Baskoro’s upcoming single, “The Lonely Nights” is a vulnerable alt/pop track that channels the sensibility of wanting the best for someone during a break-up, even if that results in hiding your feelings. Baskoro’s selflessness is captured throughout the whole track. “The Lonely Nights” was released on July 14.

Baskoro’s emotive vocals and acoustic guitar sets the tone for the track. There is a simplistic drum-beat that is added alongside the vocals and guitar. However, it enhances the track. The listener's main focus is on the story Baskoro is telling and the sadness that is being portrayed. I think Baskoro’s poetic lyrics, delicate vocals, and straightforward instrumental balance out each other very well. The ability for Baskoro to be vulnerable is quite admirable.

During the writing and creation for “The Lonely Nights,” Baskoro states, “The Lonely Nights is about the frustration of knowing that even though you feel used, manipulated and lied to by the person who left you, you still love them and want them to be happy, even if it’s with the person they left you for.” The lyrics, “Now I keep it to myself / So you don’t have to see me go through hell / I hate that I just want you happy / Even if it’s with somebody else” are probably my favorite in the whole track.

Bo Baskoro is an alt/pop artist from the Pacific Northwest. He has released singles in the past including, “Love You Now,” “Levee,” and “The Color Blue.” Currently, Baskoro’s most popular single is titled, “High (Keep Up). This track has 2.4 million streams on Spotify. Baskoro has even received praise from publications such as Atwood Magazine and Prelude Press. I’m positive that listeners are going to love “The Lonely Nights.”

Written by, Erika Isaacs

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