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The Fur- “We’re Going Under” |Review

It’s the season of summer songs. We’re Going Under by The Fur is a song to play for a pool party or a night at the beach.

A dance-pop song with a touch of jazz is a unique combination, which is what makes this track special. The Fur is known for adding a live orchestra to his tracks, so the saxophone reminded me of Last Friday Night by Katy Perry. The upbeat production and the voice give me Zara Larsson vibes and it can make your heart sing and dance. The chorus has an even more joyful side that fits Charli XCX’s sound. You can tell The Fur and Yvo enjoyed recording this piece as it is a very fun song. We’re Going Under is bound to energize you at any point of the day and is great to hype you up for an exercise.

The Fur is a Swedish pop producer who uniquely combines synth and dance-pop with classical music. Most of his collaborations come from Sweden or the USA, but with over a million streams on Spotify, he will surely expand those horizons. His music is always positively energized and since 2021 he’s been creating tracks for the soul. The Fur has been praised for his genius work by Swedish bloggers and the press and will continue to impress.

Written by, Lia Tsvetanova

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