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“The Fall” - BASSETTE | Review

“The Fall” by BASSETTE is an R&B song that is as impactful on the soul as the artist’s signature upper-case label.

This song combines a great beat full of bass with angelic harmonies to convey a deeper message. The artist sings about the pain of a past relationship with such confidence, anger, and sass. It is truly a comeback anthem of a woman recognizing her worth and stepping away from someone who hurt her. Whether it’s a song to listen to in your room to overcome the pain of recent breakups or a song to belt out in the car with your friends as you all simultaneously embrace your self-worth, it is powerful.

Bassette is an R&B artist who was born in Bermuda and then spent a few years living in Scotland. She draws a lot of inspiration from jazz and R&B icons including Amy Winehouse. Bassette has been releasing music since 2017 with her first single, “Boys with Guitars.” She then collaborated with Mullally in 2018 for the song “Sweet Coffee” which reached 1,415,00 streams on Spotify. BASSETTE’s soulful music allows you to accept your emotions and feel empowered while doing so.



Written by Annika Johnson, Edited by Hannah Schneider

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