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"The Door" - Morgantown | Review

Morgantown hits the ground running with their very first single “The Door”.

The narrator reflects on moving on and letting go while they navigate through a breakup. They seem to be the one ending the relationship, leading the other person to “the door”, hence the title. They reflect on how this relationship has changed them for the worse, saying how they never thought they’d do certain things that this person has eventually led them to do. They don’t like the person that they’ve become, and this is the sound of them coming to that realization. The beautiful yet haunting vocals are the main focus of the song, with soft acoustic guitar and pleasant harmonies driving the point home, making for a very memorable sound.

Morgantown is an LA-based duo consisting of singer-songwriters Kendra Celise and Paige Shannon. “The Door” was produced by Dan Kalisher, who has worked with several well-known artists including Noah Cyrus and Grace Potter. Since this is their very first release, we’re confident that we have a lot to look forward to from Morgantown!

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