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"The Current" - STVN | Review

The only way I can describe “The Current” by STVN in terms of sound is that it sounds like an incredibly beautiful sunset, but as a lo-fi song.

The layered, yet simple production combines soft airy tones with a pattern of guitar notes to create a colorful backdrop for the soothing vocals. The two vocalists' voices intertwine so closely, building nice chemistry that’s sustained throughout the song. The lyricism is straightforward, but I personally enjoy the way each line carries a sort of rhyming flow that makes it a catchy track; for example, the chorus says, “‘Cause I’m sinking deep into you/Like the ocean/Time is standing still/Like it’s frozen/Wish I could express the things I’m holding/Tension from the things we’ve left unspoken.” Nothing exactly is a true rhyme, but the vocals carry each line like a gentle wave. While “The Current” isn’t a complex song, it doesn’t have to be; it’s its beauty that shines through and grabs the listener’s attention.

STVN, or Steven Alexander Chen, is a songwriter and producer based out of Philadelphia. He started putting his music out into the word last year with his song, “Heartstrings,” which has over 150,000 streams on streaming platforms. While he hasn’t had a chance to tour yet, he has performed on Good Day PA on ABC27. He plans to release his first EP at the end of July this year, with “The Current” being the second single off the EP.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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