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The Best Idea Wins | The Unlikely Candidates go 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems

The Unlikely Candidates have their newest radio single for "Gemini"), which sounds like old school Maroon 5. The track is the follow up to their previous radio singles, "High Low" and their first #1 Alt Radio Hit "Novocaine". The band has had a crazy two years with the success of their track, "Novocaine", during an unlikely time with the pandemic and after 15 years in the business. All signs point to another amazing year with the release of "Gemini", a new album in the works, all while on a major West Coast tour. We caught up with lead singer Kyle Morris before one of their stops on tour to check in and hear how things were going after we last talked in March 2020.

Check out the interview with the band on YouTube or Spotify!

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