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It takes a special kind of talent to fuse genres together so effortlessly, and TENNIN takes the very best of pop, 90s RnB, and indie alternative to bring “Tennizer” to life.

For simplicity’s sake, I’d call this an alt-pop song, but the truth is, it’s the carefully crafted result of endless musical influences; you need to sit down and listen to it a number of times to fully appreciate everything you’re hearing. That being said, the very first listen packs a hearty punch. From airy vocals to deep, brooding keys, “Tennizer” is a masterclass in genre-bending and mind-blowing production.

There’s a certain darkness here that’s difficult to describe. Everything but TENNIN’s vocals are low and mystifying, creating a dark, eerie mood. Yet, TENNIN’s voice is soft, romantic, and even dreamy- smoothing out those rougher edges and balancing the scale of light and dark. This sonic tension is incredibly satisfying even if it’s new to the ear, and entices you from the moment it starts to the second it ends. It’s danceable, but not in the “let’s go to the club and have a good time,” way. It’s danceable in the “sexy underground nightclub with low smokey lighting, red velvet couches, and expensive cocktails” kind of way. It strikes a fascinating balance between rebellious and luxurious.

TENNIN is the French alt-pop artist who is gaining international acclaim and recognition at an incredibly fast pace— she’s sprinting, and the rest of the world is simply catching up to her. Her single “Heal You” received recognition from trip-hop sensation, Tricky, and signed the single to his label False Idols. Fast forward to 2020, her single “Guys in Tears” was signed to the iconic Parisian label, Kitsune Music. Later a clip of her video for “Take A Ride” was featured on AfroPunk’s Black History Month Mixtape earlier this year. That leads us up to now, where she is gearing up to drop her very first EP in 2022.

Written by Jess Ward

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