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Tengger Cavalry Dedicates “Heart” Their Loyal Fans

Tengger Cavalry release their much-awaited new track “Heart” via Napalm records after a short break they took due to a depression of their lead singer Nature Ganganbaigal. Nature G took a retreat in his home country China to reconnect with his roots and to question his initial intention of making music. The main teaching that came out of his retreat was how important it is for him to share his love of music with his fans thus pushing him to return to Tengger Cavalry with a heavy heart a a need to re-engage with his fans.

These loyal fans in question couldn’t be happier since everything that made the “army of sky god” famous in the nomadic warrior spirit community is present in this track, from throat singing to the blending of Asian nomadic folk artists with American heavy metal musicians.

Have a listen for yourself and keep up-to-date with Tengger Cavalry by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

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