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"tell me if u do" - okayceci |Review

It is nervewracking to be the first one to say I love you, you never want to ask someone to say it but it is just this feeling that almost weighs silently over the room. So in love but afraid to say it because what if the words alone change things.

okayceci really captures this soft lofi pop love song feeling in 'tell me if u do". This song is so polished and lovely. It is perfect to bring in sweater weather and cuffing season. With a similar style to Clairo, okayceci has more of a dusky style to her dreamy soundscape. It is lovely and soothing with ethereal vocals and catchy choruses.

The song is classic soft and dreamy okayceci with a romantic R&B flare, perfectly encompassing the starry-eyed feeling of having a crush. okayceci sings “Do you like me like I like you? Do you feel me? Do you want me? Like ooh, well tell me if you do”. Audiofemme said of her last single “love bug”, “the earworm lyrics and melody are hypnotizing and practically beg to be blasted out of a window on a sunny day.” With only a few singles to her name, okayceci has already made her mark with millions of streams and this latest track looks poised to build on that momentum.

This song is about having feelings for someone and not knowing if they feel the same way. The song starts with “tell me if you do”, which is me asking if they like me like I like them. The verses talk about being in this state of uncertainty and not being able to think about anything or do anything because all you can think about is that person. -okayceci

Backboned by bedroom pop blended with the combination of guitar loops and timely vocal chops, okayceci radiates soft lyrics, dreamy vocals, and esthetic visuals. Born Valentina Vasquez, the Miami native began sharing her stylized and melodic driven tunes in early 2019. This cascaded to instant success with her song “feel u” achieving millions of streams. The multicultural, multifaceted artist is currently building her debut project u r cute between bases in Los Angeles and Minnesota. Her previous single “pink” has a bit of an R&B flare, with additional electronic elements and an added intensity compared to her other songs, and "falling on me" was another catchy track featuring Kinneret, who was having her own viral moment with the success of her song "No Wind Resistance!" Adding to her infectious sound is okayceci's personality, which has seen the bubbly 21 year old amass over 200K followers combined on TikTok/Instagram. Though her musical talent may have been enough, the fact that her fans have been so endeared by anything she does is a sign of things to come.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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