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"Talk to Me" - Efraim Leo | Review

Efraim Leo’s “Talk To Me” fills a boy band-shaped hole in my heart.

While, of course, Leo is only one person, his new single gives me infectious boy band pop vibes, perfect for a dance party in quarantine. This track, the first single off of his upcoming first EP “Timing,” explores the time period after a breakup where both people have to overcome negative emotions that may linger. Its upbeat energy conceals its somewhat sad lyrics, creating a catchy bittersweet tune. As Leo said, the lyrics are “about how you really loved a girl, but she’s not talking to you anymore...It’s so tough dealing with that, when you don’t want to be enemies.” Leo navigates this awkward space after a breakup with charm and pop perfection.

The 22 year-old Stockholm native Efraim Leo was born into a family of music-lovers. He started out on a heady diet of jazz and Bob Dylan. “My whole family is musical” he explains. Efraim started to teach himself to play the guitar at the age of 13, before starting to write songs at 15. Efraim featured on a dance track by Swedish superstar DJ MARC in 2016. ‘Show You The Light’ climbed high on the Billboard Dance Chart. This sooner led to the release of his debut single ‘You Got Me Wrong’ that made a splash and received native radio play. In 2018 Efraim took his music where it mattered the most - on the road. An ‘unofficial’ busking tour was organised, following The Vamps around the UK. Arriving at the concert venues early in the day, Efraim set up outside and played for the quickly forming crowd of Vamps fans waiting to get inside. “It taught me how to be in front of people, how to perform and get people interested in my music.” The experience sparked a deep-rooted love of live performance, and last summer Efraim took to the stage again in Sweden, playing some huge shows including Lollapalooza, Stockholm Pride and Summerburst Festival. “Playing live will always be what I’m all about; that’s what’s really important to me. I used to want to do acoustic sets - but as my music has evolved, so have my live performances and now I can’t wait to get out on tour again.”

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