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'take your pain away' Keith Zengeya |Artist Spotlight & Review

Keith Zengeya is a 27 year old producer from Barnsley South Yorkshire, England. Originally from Zimbabwe, Zengeya began writing songs at the age of 14. Zengeya says he was inspired by his “brother who wrote some lyrics to popular songs instrumentals”, and he began to write music for fun and as a form of therapy. He grew up listening to a wide array of artists, Tupac, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, One Republic, Afro Beats to Latin music, never really settling on a favorite genre.

Zengeya said that “music was always a passion mine but never thought of it as an career option up until I was in my 20s. I started producing 2 years ago after I found a recording software for iPad, from there went to the desktop version and after that there was no coming back”. His ear for music took him to begin producing for other underground musicians. While it is hard to pinpoint his style he seems to have incredible abilities regardless of genre.

When it comes to his single “take your pain away” Zengeya says, “I just make music the way I’m feeling on the day or if something inspires because I believe good music is good music regardless of genre. the song take your pain away came about after I found a vocal sample on splice and decided to make a beat over it, the process took me less than a day but I really enjoyed it. the meaning behind song is trying to to take weight of someone shoulders and for them to know they still loved and cared for and feel like there is a vibe to it.” ‘take your pain away’ gives me Ellie Goulding vibes with soaring vocals and a catchy electronic track carrying through the song. This song is ready to hit a New Music Friday playlist on a platform on Spotify.

Zengeya has music for any listener, from his song “self desires” being commercial pop, to “back to you” which is a contemporary r&b track, to even more EDM coming out this month (January).

This artist is one to watch.

PR and Artist Spotlight by Hannah Schneider

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