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“Switched On ft VoxOnUs” - Bronze Whale x Sofasounds | Review

Sometimes you just need a good groove to enter your mix and Bronze Whale and Sofasounds do not disappoint with their latest offering “Switched On”.

“Switched On” is straight up bouncy and its infectious groove is going to make you hit repeat after just the first 45 seconds. This is what a “new love” story should feel like. There is a mix of soul, rap, funk, house grooves and electro pop all tied up with a fun little bow. I love the delivery of this story. On the first listen I was totally focused on the bounce and play of the song. When I sat with the lyrics I was really sold. If someone told me this was the story of how they met someone, they’d get the gold star from me. I love the literal and blunt delivery of the story - it isn’t overly poetic or embellished, it just feels real. Sometimes simple stories allow for the most fun and play. I’m sold. All I can really say after listening is that I am excited for their upcoming collaborative EP, Couch Mammals. I just can’t get enough.

“I need to know baby if you’re feeling me”

“As we developed the songs for this EP, John (Sofasound) presented us with this amazing demo, featuring the vocals of VoxOnUs. It was really unique and playful, with these soulful vocals layered on top. I (Benny) flew out to Sacramento for writing sessions with Aaron, and he showed me this song on the first day. After that it was all I could think of. We knew we wanted to try something new on this release, and to be really care-free in our exploration of this EP. That led to me doing more of a rap style vocal for the first time.”

Bronze Whale began in the winter of 2011 between Aaron Jaques, and Benny Alley. Cutting their teeth with high profile remixes, the duo quickly gained notoriety as new voices in the industry.

Unafraid to take on all aspects of the industry, Bronze Whale grew their brand by handling their own art, mixing/mastering, and promotion. Additionally, in 2015 the duo introduced their label/collective, Magic Magic, and their first original EP, War Of Art, which received multiple #1's on Hype Machine, the #1 spot on South Africa's Hot99 for 5 consecutive weeks, and many more accolades.

However, in 2018 the guys felt like their music needed something more. This led to them discovering their love for singing and songwriting and thus creating a whole new sound. This new style effortlessly blended Benny’s chill vocals, along with indie-electronic elements and hip-hop percussion, to create a truly unique listening experience.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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