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"Swept Up" - Kaatii I Review

At 13 years old, emerging artist Kaatii is proving she is wise and talented beyond her years with her new single, “Swept Up.”

Her voice has a sort of confidence and clarity that you might expect from a more established artist, but Kaatii proves herself time and time again in just one song. While it’s musically quite simple – just guitar, drums, and other basic instrumentation with a pop punk edge – this forces the listener to pay attention to what she’s saying. Her lyricism is what I’m most impressed with, with the second verse being my absolute favorite: “There’s a million fish in the sea/But I see the same three daily/In this fishbowl, I’ll go crazy.” Her mastery with words and rhythm is what draws me in and, as her songwriting matures, who knows what kind of amazing content she’ll produce next. I get early Paramore vibes from Kaatii as she has a similar grit and conviction in her sound as Hayley Williams does, specifically with her vocals. Kaatii is guaranteed to be an absolute indie pop powerhouse if she keeps up this kind of work.

Anna Katherine – or Kaatii – is way ahead of the game for a 13 year old. With a strong creative vision and lots of time in the studio, her ability to create meaningful content at such a young age is impressive. She has already performed at the Dallas House of Blues and Plano Balloon Festival, and has a debut EP that she plans to release sometime in the near future. She’s already collaborating with producers and writers with extensive experience and, if “Swept Up” is any clue, her music will definitely be heard by listeners all over.

Written by Tatum Jenkins

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