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"Sweet 16" - morgen | Review

I adore this soft indie feeling with the punch of powerful vocals and funky bass.

morgen's new track "Sweet 16" is this bittersweet track that talks about the contradictions of being a teen. What is desired and what is the reality? The world isn't all it is made out to be sometimes and morgen says that in such a blunt yet clever way in this song.

In a music world consumed by quick hit viral sensations, 17-year-old morgen is an up & comer in it for the long haul. The Santa Cruz native has a vocal maturity far beyond her years and is fated to join the ranks of artists like Lennon Stella and Sasha Sloan in superstardom. Oozing confidence, gorgeous vocals, and innovative bedroom-pop production, morgen is here with her next single, "Sweet 16".

"Sweet 16" has morgen delving into haunting synths and atmospherics before the steady beat kicks in. But sleek production belies the somber feelings of turning 16 at the start of the pandemic. Things weren't shaping up to be as glamorous as the world had promised. What else is a teen to do? Change it up. Parties? Who needs 'em? But convincing yourself is harder than it looks. With blunt lyrics and flippant humor, "Sweet 16" will have you feeling more validated than ever.

The 17-year-old morgen grew up surrounded by music. In her pre-teens, she gigged with her musician father which opened her eyes to a world of possibility. On an average day in the life of morgen, you can find her writing at least 2 songs a day that show a range in sound inspired by diverse musical influences from Carol King to Post Malone. She also could be practicing martial arts, in which she's a certified black belt.

More recently, you can find morgen receiving praise from Elton John and Zane Lowe on their respective podcasts. Across the globe in Australia, Triple J called morgen "impressive". With the upcoming release of her latest single "Sweet 16", you can be sure the NorCal native is just getting started.

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