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“Sunday Morning” - 2 Story Cabin | Review

Bubbly 80’s indie pop at its finest.

The quirky duo brings you a dramatic and colorful music video to their song “Sunday Morning”. The four character music video plays with fun pops of spring time shades of yellow, violet, blue, and bubble gum pink. Each tile seems to interpret the song in their own way with distinct facials and styles of movement. It’s really an enjoyable video to watch that gives you almost too much but really just makes you laugh and smile into the joyfulness of the track.

Definite traces of their european roots in this song as the track is brings an element of fun and play we don’t usually see in a lot of US based artist. The song is full of harmonies and catchy synths that just are a throwback but done in such a fun and modern way.

2 STORY CABIN is an indie pop duo originally from Italy, currently based in New York City. The duo is formed by Tempesta as lead singer and mmmatic as guitarist and producer.

They released their debut EP ONLY LOVE in 2017, and "My Game No Rules" in 2019 and are currently working on a new EP, while also performing regularly in New York.

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Review by Hannah Schneider

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