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"Sunboy" - Chris Noah| Review

Brimming with shimmering 80s inspired elements, Chris Noah’s indie-pop anthem Sunboy is infectiously colorful, reflecting on relationships that have survived through personal shortcomings. With production by Noah, and long time collaborator Kristofer Harris, Sunboy is the quintessential song of summer, musically depicting the hypnotizing bliss of falling in love under the sun.

Noah, a recording artist based in Riga, presents Sunboy as his personal 3 minute thank you to the relationships of his past– a thank you for sticking around when maybe it wasn’t deserved. In seeing the end product, Noah recalls feeling ‘really happy about this song.’ “I feel like I’ve found my sound in a lot of ways and it just feels good. It got pretty depressing for me during the pandemic and I made a couple of bad personal decisions that inspired this idea. But all in all there are so many positive aspects to this track – we had so much fun making it, and I guess you can hear that in the music too.”

Combining elements of synth-pop, modern pop, and indie rock, Sunboy emulates the bright nostalgia of summer love through vivid, and melodic production. Every musical element is dripping with a radiant shine meant to symbolize how love can make you feel like the sun is shining just for you. Rich with energizing synths and striking drum rhythms, the rolling melody of the song creates a sense of inner rhythm that urges you to dance, and soak in the happiness.

In Sunboy, Noah reveals a voice wonderfully crafted for the current indie pop scene. He sings with a smooth, but dynamic control that ebbs and flows with similarly energetic production. As a result, the song morphs back and forth between a variety of influences– it isn’t stagnant, and reflects the variety of emotions that come with being in a relationship.

Following his year-long hiatus and recent signing with Sony Music Finland, Noah has been meticulously preparing for a lineup of summer releases this coming June. If his previous EP, Distance, is any indication of what he plans to release next, it’s certain that Noah’s electrifying persona will soon carry him internationally.

In 2017, his single You became one of the most played songs in Latvia; in addition, his debut EP, What About Tomorrow? acquired a nomination for ‘best debut’ at the Latvian Music Awards. Having played in a variety of festivals located in Germany, Latvia, and Estonia, Noah has become a glistening presence on the indie scene. His upcoming single Sunboy is set to be released June 3rd, with an accompanying music video shot entirely in Barcelona.

By Cassidy Copenheaver

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