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"Summers Almost Gone" - Mothé | Review (Special 1000th Article)

I could not be happier that the 1000th article to be published to Unheard Gems is Mothé's newest single "Summers Almost Gone". I did not plan this release this way but the explosive, enchanting, dream pop track provides a beautiful mark of closure to wrap up our first 1000.

Up-and-coming non-binary artist Spencer Fort, known as Mothé, brings Summer to a close with “Summer’s Almost Gone. Mothé brings this old-school style to their sound. It is a sonically vibrant and rich track that creates such a groovy atmosphere that makes you just want to hit replay over and over. This track is that perfect pairing of nostalgia and current indie-pop. It is soothing but at the same time calls you to make the most of the moment you are in. Slowing down around the three-minute mark, its guitar-heavy bridge and outro bring an anthemic, stadium-rock energy to compliment the chilled groove found earlier throughout the song.

This track and artist give what I think the true meaning of an Unheard Gem is. You can hit play and wonder why you have never heard them before. You hear Mothé and think Dayglow, Kid Bloom (also an Unheard Gems artist), Peach Pit, and Hippo Campus. You get that classic indie sound but something new and fresh. There is that secret gem you have in your back pocket to recommend to a friend, to put on when you need a break from the Top 40 or TikTok tune, that special something can capture a moment and make music that is uniquely their own.

Mothé is the stage name of Spencer Fort and was formed in 2020 after Moth Wings disbanded. After moving to Los Angeles with their best friend Luke (Trembler, Elemental Bill) they began writing for other artists until they met Robert Adam Stevenson who produced their debut EP “Cindi” Together they recorded their first album at Sonic Ranch in El Paso, TX and will release it in 2021

Review by Hannah Schneider

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