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"Summer's On Its Way" - Honey Tree Beats |Review

With things warming up and the seasonal depression starting to fade that can only mean one thing: “Summer’s On Its Way”. Honey Tree Beats is here to remind us that summer isn’t too far away with a song of encouragement for brighter days.

Based out of Cleveland, Honey Tree Beats wanted to create a song to beat the cold and wet spring they were having and remind them that summer is closeby. Honey Tree Beats says spring was giving them anxiety and that this track took on a “metaphorical value amongst my eagerness for better days to come”.

“I just want your love/I can’t take your pain/We’re growing in days/That are watered by rain” is my favorite line from the song, I think it’s really beautiful especially considering when Honey Tree Beats wrote this track. I like how they pulled from their surroundings of rainy spring in Cleveland to come up with the line “We’re growing in days/That are watered by rain”. Since this is a song about better days, I think wanting someone’s love and not their pain fits in perfectly too. You can hope that as better days come along you’ll get that love instead of the pain.

I love this song so much because I can actually see myself listening to it in the car during the summer on the way to the beach with my friends. It’s the perfect pre-summer tune to get you in the right mindset for a warm, fun-filled, sun-soaked day with people you care about or spent alone practicing some much needed self-love. “Summer’s On Its Way” is the perfect addition to any summer playlist you might be making even if the weather still isn’t ideal near you.

Review Done By Casper Barbour

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