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“Summer Luv” - Juliet Ariel | Review

“Summer Luv” by Juliet Ariel is a commercial, tropical house song that makes me smile. It’s the musical equivalent of a breath of fresh air.

The song starts off with birds chirping happily, as if it was just past dawn on a weekend morning. Juliet’s refreshing vocals and light tone create a very positive, carefree vibe. She mixes a tropical beat with electro-pop aspects to create something truly unique and fun to dance to. The upbeat melody and lyrics epitomize the honeymoon stage of a relationship - full of lust and laughter with no worries in sight. “I wanted to make a song that could bring back summer all year long, to endlessly remind me of the good times and capture the nostalgia of a summer romance...I took inspiration from my afro-latin roots for some of the rhythms, but overall it's a dance song with simple lyrics that I feel anyone could easily relate and have fun listening to.”

Juliet Ariel is a French singer, songwriter, and producer who was born in the D.R Congo. Growing up, she was inspired by the art of the fashion scene in Paris. She was studying to become a makeup artist when she discovered French-electronic artists like Justice and Daft Punk in the high fashion nightclub scene. Those artists continue to inspire her today. Juliet made an impactful introduction with her self- produced single “Take Me With You” in 2017 which reached 10M+ views collectively on Youtube, 1.7M+ streams on Spotify and 1.3M+ streams on Soundcloud. This led to her catching the attention of labels and tastemakers from around the world including Nora En Pure, Black Coffee, Simon Field, and publications such as Dancing Astronaut and KALTBLUT.



Written by Annika Johnson, edited by Hannah Schneider

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