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“Sugar High” - STVN | Review

Concluding his bubble gum electro pop EP “Sugar High”, STVN releases title track “Sugar High”.

Just like the title of this track, its sound is sugary sweet. I continue to love this artist, every track he delves into different sounds and grooves within this very soft side of electronic pop and it is lovely. This track has an effervescent quality to it, bubbly and almost tropical. If you need a sweet song that captures that butterfly feeling, “Sugar High” is perfect.

EP Tracklist: 01 – Sugar High, 02 – Remedy, 03 – Weightless, 04 – The Current, 05 – Reality

“I’ve always loved writing songs, from a young age I’d often sit at the piano for hours on end, improvising and getting lost in the world of creating. I still do this, sitting in my room for hours with my guitar, notebook and laptop, punching away at the keys and trying my best to share a story with the world. My creative process has remained the same for years, just letting ideas flow freely and taking as much time as needed to express what I’m feeling. This EP is a collection of songs that have been in the works for a while, some a few days, some more than a year. I hope that each of them can bring joy to someone!” – STVN

Steven Alexander Chen aka STVN is an independent artist, producer and songwriter from Philadelphia. He released his first single "Heartstrings" in 2019 which has since amassed over 200,000 streams across platforms. He performed his most recent single "Somebody" with Aubrey Toone on Good Day PA on ABC27, and is quickly generating a following with a fresh and distinguished sound.

Review by Hannah Schneider

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