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“Sublime Summer” - Steady Cam | Review

Moody summer sunset drives now have their niche.

“Sublime Summer” is a slow vibey song that switches the general mood of summer pop. Steady Cam creates a catchy hook but keeps the track more along the nostalgic and moody pop path. Personally, I am loving this mix of rap and singing. It is so cool to see this type of music diversity and variety within a single artist. For that, we give an Unheard Gems thumbs up.

Check out Eventide if you like this artist.

According to the artist: “Sublime Summer aims to convey the depression that resonates with me; experiencing darkness while being surrounded by light. The bright beautiful sounds of summer contrast with my jaded grim mindset. It's the feeling of, "everything is happy around me, why am I still depressed?"”

Steady Cam is a Los Angeles rapper and singer that strives to embody the duality of youth and depression. His bright instrumentals and welcoming melodies contrast his darker themes and emotions. After receiving huge YouTube success as a young teenager, Steady is ready to dive into a full-fledged music career.

Written and Edited by Hannah Schneider

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