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"Still In Love" - The Beach | Review

Two things are universally understood as crucial to the human experience: music and heartbreak. “Still in Love” by The Beach is a slice-of-life piece right after a breakup that chronicles taking the long way home to avoid their house, and realizing you’re not quite over them yet.

The sad yet all-too-relatable lyrics hover carefully in an almost soft whisper over a groovy rhythm guitar. When the first chorus hits, all instrumentals are dropped, leaving only a harmonious vocal chorus telling the story. It picks back up in the second verse, and follows a verse/chorus pattern, while steadily building musical tension as it goes on, mimicking all the chaotic feelings that happen during a breakup.

There’s no other way to describe this song than the embodiment of the first night out after the breakup. It’s fun and exciting to listen to, with pulsing synths and a genuinely danceable rhythm, but the lyrics are so vulnerable and honest. It perfectly captures those moments where your friends are buying you drink after drink at the club so you forget, but you can’t forget the sinking feeling in your stomach and the fact that your loved one is gone.

“Essentially a confession/play by play of how I acted/felt about my ex-girlfriend after we broke up,” George Morgan of The Beach writes. “I convinced myself that I was over it but was brutally reminded I wasn’t when I bumped into her at a mutual friend's birthday. You never know how you're gonna react when you see an old flame out somewhere and I guess this song is my experience of still feeling something when I didn't think I would."

The Beach is a creative musical project for accomplished songwriter, George Morgan. His first bout of success came after a low-budget music video of his went viral, landing him the #3 spot on the iTunes singer/songwriter charts, eventually getting him a contract with RCA. He’s toured far and wide with artists like Tom Odwell, Rag’n’Bone Man, and Kodaline, and later found himself writing with and for a number of critically acclaimed artists. After being dropped from RCA, and after the breakup that inspired “Still in Love,” Morgan has taken a new creative route with fresh eyes and an open heart— a new perspective to take on new creative challenges. His new EP, “One,” is coming soon.

Written by Jess Ward

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