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"Staying In" - outlier.mp3 |Review

A twangy synth track that transcends genre. "Staying In" is stunning.

Debut single by electronic rock and electronic hip hop multi-instrumentalist music producer and audio engineer from Washington, D.C. Song includes a main saxophone melody, along with guitar plucking, piano, and warm saturated vocals. This song is insane for a debut track, I honestly didn't even believe it. outlier.mp3 really has a strong sense of his identity as an artist already. This song is in my spring/summer vibes playlist and I am so excited to blast this.

"The song is about me deciding to stop partying and avoiding distractions, and instead Staying In and focusing on taking my music career seriously. I spent 2 years producing this song as I kept on getting better at producing, and I wanted as close to perfection as possible with my current skillset."

Outlier.mp3 is a multi-instrumentalist DC musician who writes, produces, and mixes all his own music. Mainly influenced by electronic hiphop and electronic rock his music will make you want to get up and move. Acording to him " I'm really into activism, music education, music academic research, and music festivals! I love to smile and to see other people smile :) I'm currently a third-year undergraduate at the University of Maryland, College Park! My name is outlier.mp3 because I love to promote being an individual or outlier in this life, and the ".mp3" is because I adore music more than anything else in the world :) "

Review by Hannah Schneider

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